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Last updated: Sunday, April 2nd 2000

Latest news: I've been working on my script of "My Guardian Angel" since 3 months now (That's the title of my story).
I also drew most of the characters in it and done their profiles... Been really busy for the past 2 weeks with school
(Damn homework, researches studies and exams! -_-; ), didn't have much sleep eiter, and haven't been accepted at Algonquin
College in "Animation television" program because of my English test (my primary language is French).... But, oh well! I guess life goes on and I'm saying to myself:
Just a couple of month now and I'll be out of High School forever and I'll get a 1 year break from school!


-Name: Nathalie Pelletier
-birthdate: March 22 1983
-I live in: Near Ottawa, Canada (Actually, I'm living on the Québec side)
-Languages I speak: French and English and I started learning Japanese
(well, "H
i", "See you later", "idiot" and "boring" is a good beginning ^^;)
-Eye color: Blue (People are always asking me if it's my natural color-Yes it is!)
-Hair color: Light brown
-Favourite color: Blue
-Worst subjects:Math, science
-Favourite subject:: Arts (drawing,painting...)
The goal I want to reach: To become an anime drawer and/or an animated movie and series producer
(and I w
ant to draw for my movie and series too!) and if I can, do my own manga!
(who says I don't have any ambitions? ^^; ) Or maybe to be as good as Naoko takeuchi? ^_^;;
-How most of the people know me:An attentionate and caring person who listens to their problems.
-My biggest flaws (That I know ^_^; ): I'm TOO curious and when I have something in/on my mind, I can easily forget about all the other things that are happening (some people know what I am talking about). I am very sensitive, sometimes TOO sensitive and quiet at times... and I'm also an independent person.
-Favorite animals: I like a lot animals, but prefer dogs like huskys and labradors (You know, BIG dogs! ^_^ ), wolfs or any other wild animals.
-The music I like:Seventies-eighties musicians and groups, Classic rock, pop, dance,... almost everything, except jazz, Heavy metal and rap -depends what. Oh yeah, and I also like anime songs! ^ ^
-Songs that touched me during my life: Carry on way ward son-Kansas/ More than a feeling-Boston/ (did I mentionned that I like classic rock? ^^) / The World I know-CollectiveSoul/ Iris, Name and Black Balloon-GooGoo Dolls and especially Cry Ophelia-Adam Cohen/ I'll be-Edwin McCain/ Glory of love-Peter Cetera and Armageddon's theme music
-Kind of music that influenced me: I know it's hard to beleive, but I was listening to Phil Colins (and also Genesis!) Micheal Bolton(!), The Police and others like that when I was about 2 or 3 years old! After, it was Brian Adams and Eric Clapton. In my pre-teen years groups like Nirvana(!!) and other heavy metal, punk crap ^^; and I finally changed for classic rock, pop, dance and techno kinda music.
-What I hate the most: Drugs and cigarettes ( I just CAN'T stand the smell of it- I almost
breathe when someone smokes around me), liars, hypocrites, injustice and racists.
-Favourite TV shows: Sliders-The fourth season (When Quinn and Colin were there-too bad they canceled the 5th season, though), That 70's show (It's so hilarious!) and The Simpsons.
-Favourite movies:All I can think about is Braveheart, Armageddon, The fifth element, Rush Hour, Disney's Mulan and Twister (I actually saw the movie at least 15 times!) (I like all kinds of movies!!) If you want me to have a good time, just bring me to the movies! ^_^
-Video game I'm into now: Final Fantasy VIII. (disc 3-When I have to battle Raijin and Fujin-AGAIN!-at Lunatic Pandora, but they're really though to fight this time!)
-Anime/manga I'm into now: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Magic Knight Rayearth and X/1999
-My addictions: My mom's computer-espesially internet! (No I don't visit her just to have the computer! ^_^;) , music; like you've seen in the upper part, I am really addicted to music ( I'm listening to it 24/7!), pencils and papers (not a day that I don't draw) sweetness-it's like a drug for me!- I know, it's not very good for me neither! (when I eat chocolate, watch out for me! =D) , of course, anime/manga and books (I just LOVE to read!).

Some of my arts

Trunks 1-drawing- Trunks 2 -drawing-
princess serinity and reeni -drawing- Prince Darien and princess serinity-drawing-
drangon ball GT -drawing- Air Bats-Painting-[I re-scanned it]
Asuka, Shinji, Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion) -Painting- Lina (Slayers) -Drawing-

Remember that these are my work and I will not tolerate anybody to take them from this site.

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