.: American midis :.

...Titles... ...Time... ...Comments...
Carry on 2:00 min. First version-Nice song
Carry on 2:00 min. Second version
Only a memory away 2:53 min. First version-nicer than the second
Only a memory away 2:53 min. Second version
La soldier 1:48 min. cool song
Moonlight legend 2:17 min. Beautiful song
Sailor Moon theme 1:18 min. -
Inner senshi theme 0:23 sec. -
Locket 1:56 min. Sad song
Moon Revenge 3:18 min. From the Sailor Moon R movie-my favourite
Just dreaming of you 5:09 min. -
In the name of the moon... 4:46 min. Nice song even though I heard it a thousand times
Cosmic Moon Power 0:34 sec. -
Moon healing, Activation! 0:14 sec. -
Other scouts transformation 1:32 min -
Sailor Starlight transformation 1:52 min. My favorite tranformation song
Sailor Starlight transformation 1:52 min. Another version
Sailor Moon transformation 39:32 sec. A good transformation song
Narrative theme 1:00 min. -
Warrior of love 3:47 min. A good one
Alan's flute 21:38 sec. A nice melody
I want to became the wind-Uranus 1:39 min A beautiful song
Reeni's theme 0:14 sec. -
My only love 2:20 min. -
Starry night 1:49 min. one of my favourite
It's a new day 52:11 sec. -
She's got the power 2:34 min. -
Call my name (and I'll be there) 2:47 min. A good one
Rainy day man 1:48 the story about Lita and a guy-one of my favourites
Sailor Moon mix 2:49 min. Not Bad! I like the begining
Song that reeni is singing about tuxedo mask 9:15 sec. Cute! ^_^
Faith is so beautiful 4:48 min. A beautiful song!
a song 2:42 I don't know the title, but it's a nice one
Heart moving 2:27 min. -
Luna 0:16 sec. -
Melvin theme 0:30 sec. -
Queen Beryl theme 0:20 sec. -

.: Japanese midis :.

...Titles... ...Time... ...Comments...
Don't fear 1:37 min. -
Otomenopolicy 3:13 min. -
Eternal moon BGM 2:05 min. -
Route Venus 4:10 min. No comment -_-
Kaze mo sora mokitto 1:28 min. A nice song
3 O'colck fairy 1:12 min. At first the song is ok, but in the movie, it's scary
Tuxedo mirage 1:20 min. -
Tuxedo Knight 3:45 min. The one that starts with: 1999 hikari ...
Tuxedo Entrance 0:19 sec. -
Tuxedo entrance 28:60 sec. Another version
Uranus' Image song 1:25 min. -
Uranus and Neptune's theme 1:29 min. no offence, but it looks like a circus or sometin' like that
Sailor team's theme 3:55 min. A good song
Sailor Moon Piano mix 3;19 min. A nice mix-Sailor team's theme and Moonlight destiny
Princess serenity's theme 1:59 min. A calm song if you want to realax-good though
Approach of a beautiful morning 4:05 min. A nice one-It's actually one of my favourites
Princess Kaguyuu theme 1:01 min. -
Ein no melody(eternal melody) 3:57 min. I like the melody
Moonlight Destiny 4:32 min. -
Yume wo ljimenaide 3:47 min. -
Chibi Usa's theme 3:25 min. Not really a good theme
Saturn's transformation 0:41 min. -
Saturn's theme 1:12 min. -
Amazone quartet theme 1:21 min. -
Dead Moon Circus theme 0:43 min. Never liked that theme
My blue heart 4:25 min. -
Sailor Moon theme 1:30 min. Another version
Death buster's theme 1:30 min. -
Baby baby love 3:47 min. starting to bugging me!
Sailor stars opening theme 1:46 min My favourite opening theme
Sailor Stars opening theme 2:21 min. Another version
Sailor Stars opening theme 1:30 min. Yet, another version
Sailor Stars ending theme 3:52 min -
Somebody...Someday 4:50 min -
You're just my love 4:19 min. A nice one

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