A message for my friends and family

I would like to say: "Allô! " to:
Marie-Andrée, Mylène, William, Nicole, Jim, Catherine, Damien, Karine, Nadjejda, Justin, Louise, Mélanie,
Christian, l'autre Christian, Mélissa, Josée, Eric, Sophie, la famille Leduc, Geneviève, Mireille, J-F,
Phil, E.T., my family and all the others I didn't name.

I want to remember you guys that your names are not in a special order: your are all equals *^_~*
And for all of you I may have forgotten, please forgive me!

Also a big thank to all the people who helped,
supported and gave me ideas for my page:

Mylène, my dad and my mom.

I am also very grateful for all of you who had been there for me through my rough
times and show me the right way (you know who you are!), even
though I'm not the kind of person who shows her emotions and talks
about her problems a lot. I always have all sorts of problems and
my life has been a tortured road, but they say that we only learn
from the bad experiences and it makes you stronger.