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Last updated: Friday, March 3rd 2000
-Troubles with the WebRing... -_-; -
Ok, as some people may know, I'm having some troubles with my ring. What's happening right now is that I can't add the queue sites into the ring and I don't know why. I'm beginning to feel guilty an irresponsible because I got all these people waiting to be added and I can't even fix the damn thing ~_~ ;
So if anybody can handle a webring, please e-mail me, 'cuz I need help with mine.

P.S.: I'm sorry for all of you that is waiting to be added, I'm doing the best that I can to fix the problem.

Hi! and welcome to my own Ring site! My name's Nathalie and I'll be your RingMaster. Its my first time that I create a
WebRing, so things may be slow at the begining. The Anything goes Anime is about Anime, so if you
wanna join, your Home Page must have something to do with Japanese Animation.

When you join, you must add this HTML fragment to your site and I suggest to put one of these pictures above the fragment
or to make your own picture and send it to me before adding it to your Page at:

It will looks something like that:

This Anything goes Anime Ring site owned by --Your Name--.
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Oh, and also, if you are not familiar with WebRings and expect to be part of the ring right away, when you sign up, it can't work like this; you first have to put the HTML fragment on your source Page. If you don't do that first, the WebRing won't "recognize" your page to be part of the ring and I would not be able to add you.

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