She's Belldandy and Skuld's big sister. Urd is the second goddess that we meet.
She first appeared when Keiichi receives a package; some kind of porno video (Sexy Sister #1).
Again, he thinks it's a joke from his dorm mates, Ootaki and Tamiya. Since Belldandy is out shopping,
he desides to view it. What a surprise he have when the girl of the video materializes through is TV set
(It's her link between our world and Heaven) and that she's Belldandy's big sister!
Urd is always planning to get Keiichi and Belldandy together with her magic potions
-But, it always turn out to be a disaster for the two of them!-

Age: 24
Height: 170cm
Hair color: White
Eye color: Green
Class: Second class
Domain: The Past

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